Letting Go

Write write write
Take all of those stones that weigh you down
Coax them from the secret chambers of your heart
Look at them. Truly, look at them.
See them for what they are
See them for what they are not
Release them and walk away

Write write write
Today’s a different day
Optimism isn’t always at play

Write write write
How can you grow if you can’t address
what weighs you down
Life could have been worse, you tell yourself
a thousand times, but still
It was bad enough
And yet, how can you shape
these thoughts into words
When it could hurt someone you love
The past, a revisionist’s history
Your memories are not the same

Write write write
For yourself and no one else
Until everything is exposed
Raw and heaving

Write write write
No matter how long it takes
Until you are healed
And even if it never happens
Even if you carry those stones with you
your whole life
You must write, write, write
You must lighten your load


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